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June 11, 2021

Jeff Bezos Risks It All for His Space Dream

Plus: The origins of Blue Origin, Apple’s annoying error messages, and a Kardashian plot twist.

by Steven Levy in Business
June 4, 2021

A Google Alum Wants to Make Search Pure Again

Plus: A lesson in macro Googlenomics, an audio jamming dream, and high-stakes cheesesteaks.

by Steven Levy in Business
May 28, 2021

How a Chaos Monkey Caused an Apple Uprising

Plus: A review of the book from 2016, the accessibility potential for AR, and a few too many sinking ships.

by Steven Levy in Business
May 21, 2021

I Love My Old iPhone. Now I Might Finally Get to Keep It

Plus: The inaugural Google I/O, the value of lossless audio, and inspiration from a downward dog.

by Lauren Goode in Business
May 14, 2021

The Apple Designer You’ve Never Heard of Is Making Noise

Plus: The iPod’s cultural importance, the fate of Loon’s balloons, and the price of an SNL appearance.

by Steven Levy in Business
May 7, 2021

Why Amy Klobuchar Just Wrote 600 Pages on Antitrust

Plus: The iPhone before the App Store, the threat of digital enhancement, and the unlikely darling of the liberals.

by Steven Levy in Business
April 30, 2021

Amazon’s AI Guru Is So Totally Over the Turing Test

Plus: Robot reporters, Apple’s post-Jobs essence, and an Unhappy Gilmore TikTok.

by Steven Levy in Business
April 23, 2021

It’s Official: Apple Is Now a Silicon Company

Plus: A conversation with Steve Jobs, how Facebook can fix its reputation, and the week in cyclones.

by Steven Levy in Business
April 16, 2021

Microsoft Is Big Tech’s Fifth Horseman

Plus: Bill Gates’ departure, post-jab symptoms, and a new era for cryptocurrency.

by Steven Levy in Business
April 9, 2021

The Clones Are Coming for Clubhouse

Plus: MySpace’s downfall, tech competition from China, and the particle going rogue.

by Steven Levy in Business