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May 5, 2021

Google Remembers Android Tablets Exist, Adds a New Media Hub

A surge in interest for large-screen slates has prompted the company to inject an “Entertainment Space” into the user interface.

by Julian Chokkattu in Gear
April 22, 2021

Looking for a Tablet? These Are Our Absolute Favorites

We’ve tested all the top slates, from Apple’s iPads to Android and Windows devices.

by Julian Chokkattu Jeffrey Van Camp in Buying Guide
April 20, 2021

Apple Stuffs the iPad Pro With a New Display and Its Mac M1 Chip

The new high-end tablet uses Mini-LED display technology, supports Thunderbolt, and has the powerful new Mac processor.

by Julian Chokkattu in Gear
April 5, 2021

Android Is Wasted on This Lenovo Tablet

The Tab P11 Pro is a great midrange slate—which would be more exciting if the poorly optimized operating system wasn’t such a lost cause.

by Scott Gilbertson in Gear