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July 19, 2021

These Astonishing Minecraft Builds Were Years in the Making

Creative and dedicated, the master builders of the best-selling video game have forged some incredible structures.

by Simon Hill in Culture
June 15, 2021

Ghosts ‘n Goblins Is Back—Pain, Laughs, and All

One of the most unforgiving video game series of all time has risen from the dead, and it’s better than ever.

by Simon Hill in Culture
June 10, 2021

The Joy and Misery of Hunting for Video Game Trophies

For some, relentlessly unlocking achievements is a lifestyle. For others, it’s a headache.

by Simon Hill in Achievement Unlocked
May 11, 2021

Why Is It So Hard to Be Evil in Video Games?

Sometimes there are too many choices. Most of the time, “good versus evil” isn’t very clear-cut.

by Simon Hill in Choose Your Own Path
May 7, 2021

Epic v. Apple and the Plan to Avoid ‘Looking Like the Baddies’

This week’s antitrust trial against Apple reveals in new detail how the Fortnite developer aimed to take on the industry’s titans.

by Cecilia DAnastasio in Business
May 7, 2021

24 Essential PS4 Games Every Player Should Try

Crawl dungeons, hunt dinosaurs, and learn to be a dad with our favorite PlayStation 4 titles.

by Wired Staff in Buying Guide