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December 1, 2021

These Startups Deliver Groceries Fast—Without Gig Workers

Facing a tight labor market and even tighter schedules, some companies are hiring employees, with benefits.

by Aarian Marshall in Business
November 30, 2021

Europe Went Bananas for Gorillas. Then Its Workers Rose Up

The delivery app raced to a $1 billion valuation, promising to transform a problem-prone industry. Striking riders say it’s no different from its peers.

by Morgan Meaker in Business
November 24, 2021

Great Resignation? Tech Workers Try a Great Reconsideration

More Americans are quitting their jobs than ever before. Some engineers are finding new workplaces to prioritize their own wellbeing.

by Arielle Pardes in Business
November 23, 2021

Elizabeth Holmes Speaks for Herself

The infamous entrepreneur at the center of the Theranos case took the stand this week.

by Arielle Pardes in Business
November 4, 2021

These Philadelphians Created an App to Prevent Gun Violence

Two neighbors stepped up to use technology to protect their community, and now they’re sharing how easy it is for others to do the same.

by Maytal Eyal in Business
October 18, 2021

A New Credit Card Arrives—With a Silicon Valley Twist

The X1 is designed for spenders who are young, high-earning, and live on their phones.

by Arielle Pardes in Business
October 14, 2021

Earth’s Unicorn Population Is Exploding

It’s not a fantasy: VC valuations and spending on startups in 2021 are off the charts, and the year isn’t over yet.

by Arielle Pardes in Business
October 11, 2021

In a Banner Year for VC, Women Still Struggle to Get Funding

“Reading these headlines about record rounds, you have to ask, who is having this experience?” one founder says. “Certainly not the women I know.”

by Arielle Pardes in Business
September 11, 2021

Elizabeth Holmes Is on Trial. Silicon Valley Is Watching

“I’m glad the ‘Fake it till you make it’ mantra of Silicon Valley is coming into question,” one investor told WIRED.

by Arielle Pardes in Business