September 15, 2020

Rethinking ‘cloud bursting’

About two years ago I wrote a piece here on the concept of cloud bursting, where I pointed out a few realities:

  • Private clouds are no longer a thing, considering the current state of private cloud systems compared to the features and functions of the larger hyperscalers.
  • You need to maintain workloads on both private and public clouds for hybrid cloud bursting to work; in essence, using two different platforms.
  • It’s clear the bursting hybrid clouds concept just adds too much complexity and cost for a technology stack (the cloud) to be widely adopted by companies that want to do the most with the least.

In case you missed the fervor in the tech press a few years ago, cloud bursting is the concept of leveraging public clouds only when capacity of the on-premises cloud runs out. Somehow companies thought that they could invoke a public cloud-based part of the application and have access to the same data without latency. Mostly it did not work.

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