Category: Transportation

March 24, 2020

We’re Not Going to Run Out of Food—so Don’t Panic Shop

Food producers, distributors, and warehouse operators say supplies are plentiful, so long as stores can be restocked.

by Aarian Marshall in Business
March 12, 2020

Coronavirus Will Make the 2020 Census Even Trickier

Funding is tight, and a proposed citizenship question has made some people wary. Minorities and low-income Americans are most at risk of being missed. 

by Alex Davies in Business
February 3, 2020

Snow and Ice Pose a Vexing Obstacle for Self-Driving Cars

Most testing of autonomous vehicles until now has been in sunny, dry climates. That will have to change before the technology will be useful everywhere.

by Will Knight in Business
January 19, 2020

TechCrunch’s Top 10 investigative reports from 2019

Facebook spying on teens, Twitter accounts hijacked by terrorists, and sexual abuse imagery found on Bing and Giphy were amongst the ugly truths revealed by TechCrunch’s investigating reporting in 2019. The tech industry needs more watchdogs than ever as its size enlargens the impact of...

by Josh Constine in Airbnb
January 16, 2020

Marijuana delivery giant Eaze may go up in smoke

The first cannabis startup to raise big money in Silicon Valley is in danger of burning out. TechCrunch has learned that pot delivery middleman Eaze has seen unannounced layoffs, and its depleted cash reserves threaten its ability to make payroll or settle its AWS bill....

by Ingrid Lunden in Apps
January 10, 2020

A New Law for Gig Workers Reaches Beyond Ride-Hail Drivers

AB 5 was designed to support Uber and Lyft contractors. But it also leaves therapists, truckers, and psychologists struggling to understand their new role.

by Aarian Marshall in Business
January 3, 2020

Segway’s S-Pod Brings the Hoverchairs From ‘WALL-E’ to Life

You’ll soon be able to scoot around town—at 24 mph—without even having to stand up.

by Adrienne So in Gear