Category: Science

September 12, 2021

How Computationally Complex Is a Single Neuron?

Scientists taught an artificial neural network to imitate a biological neuron. The result offers a new way to think about the complexity of brain cells.

by Allison Whitten in Business
September 3, 2021

New York City Wasn’t Built for 21st Century Storms

Deadly flooding in and around New York City dramatizes the risks to infrastructure that was wasn’t built to handle warmer, wetter climate.

by Aarian Marshall Matt Simon in Bigger Pipes
August 18, 2021

The Push for Ad Agencies to Ditch Big Oil Clients

An activist coalition is pressuring firms to stop promoting fossil fuel companies—some of which have advertised oil and gas as “climate friendly.”

by Sidney Fussell in Business
July 21, 2021

These Bendy Chips Fit in Unusual Places

Researchers think these flexible semiconductors will be able to monitor your heartbeat or tell you whether your milk has spoiled.

by Gregory Barber in Business