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September 14, 2019

14 Great Tech Deals on Phones, Tablets, TVs, and Dongles

Have an iPhone 11 hangover? These tech discounts may perk you up.

by Jess Grey in Gear
September 12, 2019

The Best iPhone 11 Preorder Deals (and Which Model to Pick)

Are you planning to buy an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max? Here’s the WIRED guide to choosing between them, how to preorder, and the best preorder deals.

by Scott Gilbertson in Gear
September 11, 2019

5 Great Ways to Trade In or Sell Your iPhone

So you’re planning to buy a new iPhone. Don’t forget to cash in on your old one through sites like Decluttr and Gazelle, or Apple’s Trade-In program.

by Scott Gilbertson in Gear
August 22, 2019

Google Gives up Sweets: New OS Is Just Called Android 10

Bucking tradition, the next version of Google’s mobile operating system will not be named after a dessert. Google is also changing the logo from green to black.

by Boone Ashworth in Gear
August 21, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Review: It’s Too Much Phone, But We Love It

Overkill has never been so beautiful.

by Lauren Goode in Gear
August 7, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+: Price, Specs, Release Date

The big phablet Note is now joined by a smaller, regular-size version of the Note handset. And there’s a 5G version on the way too.

by Lauren Goode in Gear
August 2, 2019

Sony Xperia 1 Review: Big, Tall, and Expensive

Sony’s latest flagship Android phone is nice—just not nice enough to justify its $950 price tag.

by Scott Gilbertson in Gear