Category: Products / Augmented and Virtual Reality

October 18, 2019

With ‘Avengers: Damage Control’, ILMxLab and The Void Push VR to New Heights

A partnership between ILMxLab and The Void has already brought ‘Star Wars’ and Disney Animation to location-based VR. Now: the MCU.

by Peter Rubin in Culture
August 18, 2019

Form Swim Goggles Review: Fitness Tracking at the Pool

Form is moving the swim watch from your wrist to your face. Our review of its fitness-tracking augmented reality goggles.

by Meredith Fore in Gear
August 16, 2019

Apple Puts the AR in ‘Art’ (and in ‘Transparent Sky-Being’)

The company’s newly launched augmented-reality walks may only be available in five cities, but [AR]T Walk creates wildly ambitious deployments of public art.

by Peter Rubin in Culture
August 13, 2019

Nate Mitchell Exits Facebook, Taking Oculus Era With Him

The executive, in announcing his departure, was the last of the Oculus founders still at the company.

by Peter Rubin in Culture
August 5, 2019

Want to Know the Real Future of AR/VR? Ask Their Devs

A new survey of 900 active devs provides some surprising clarity into the technology’s constraints.

by Peter Rubin in Culture