Category: Opinion

December 3, 2019

Instagram still doesn’t age-check kids. That must change.

Instagram dodges child safety laws. By not asking users their age upon signup, it can feign ignorance about how old they are. That way, it can’t be held liable for $40,000 per violation of the Child Online Privacy Protection Act. The law bans online services...

by Josh Constine in Apps
November 21, 2019

Opinion: Blocking the Disabled on the Web Means Blocking Innovation

Disabled folks like Vint Cerf and Joybubbles helped birth today’s digital world. But a lack of ADA compliance thwarts the innovators of tomorrow.

by Jason McKee in Business
November 20, 2019

Opinion: Workers Deserve a Say in Automation

The Workers Right to Training Act allows employees to evolve as their employers adopt new tech.

by Sherrod Brown Liz Shuler in Business
November 18, 2019

Opinion: AI For Good Is Often Bad

Trying to solve poverty, crime, and disease with (often biased) technology doesn’t address their root causes.

by Mark Latonero in Business
November 12, 2019

Opinion: China is Pushing Toward Global Blockchain Dominance

As US leaders dither, President Xi Jinping vies for the technological future of finance.

by Kevin Werbach in Business
November 7, 2019

The Global South Is Redefining Tech Innovation

Opinion: Top-down, unsustainable Silicon Valley needs to learn from Africa, South Asia, and South America, where tech is built for and by users.

by Ramesh Srinivasan in Business
November 6, 2019

Trolling Is Now Mainstream Political Discourse

Opinion: Our new study on Islamophobia, xenophobia, and racism during the 2018 midterms confirms we’re on a path of digital dystopia.

by Jonathan Albright in Business
November 5, 2019

Anti-Deepfake Law in California Is Far Too Feeble

Opinion: While well intentioned, the law has too many loopholes for malicious actors and puts too little responsibility on platforms.

by Brandie M. Nonnecke in Business / Artificial Intelligence
October 29, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg Needs to Shut Up

Opinion: Since 2017, nearly every time the Facebook CEO has tried to sound thoughtful, he sounds unprepared, shallow, and full of hubris. Time to zip it.

by Siva Vaidhyanathan in Business
October 28, 2019

Facebook staff demand Zuckerberg limit lies in political ads

Submit campaign ads to fact checking, limit microtargeting, cap spending, observe silence periods or at least warn users. These are the solutions Facebook employees put forward in an open letter pleading with CEO Mark Zuckerberg and company leadership to address misinformation in political ads. The...

by Josh Constine in Advertising Tech