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September 18, 2019

Sonos Move Review: The King of Wi-Fi Speakers Adds Bluetooth

Our time with the first Sonos speaker that has a battery and Bluetooth. Is Sonos ready for portability?

by Jeffrey Van Camp in Gear
September 18, 2019

The Facebook Portal Smart Speaker Is Back, Now With More AI

New models of Facebook’s smart speaker plus camera start at $129, and offer improved tech to track body movements during calls.

by Tom Simonite in Business
September 18, 2019

Apple Watch Series 5 Review: Always on Time

The biggest update is a most welcome one: A redesigned display that always shows the time of day.

by Lauren Goode in Gear
September 17, 2019

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Review: It’s All About the Camera

This year’s highest-priced iPhone models use premium materials and have a brighter screen. But the real benefit is that three-lens camera.

by Lauren Goode in Gear
September 17, 2019

Apple iPhone 11 Review: The iPhone for Nearly Everybody

It’s not the best iPhone you can buy, but it’s an excellent phone for the price.

by Lauren Goode in Gear
September 16, 2019

6 Best Smartphones That Still Have a Headphone Jack (2019)

3.5-mm audio jacks are endangered, but they’re not extinct yet. Some of our favorite smartphones still have them.

by Brian Barrett in Gear
September 16, 2019

Flirty or Friendzone? New AI Scans Your Texts for True Love

A new class of apps can use machine intelligence to determine if your text conversations are imbued with hidden romantic sparks.

by Arielle Pardes in Gear
September 15, 2019

The Best iPad Drawing Apps for Every Kind of Artist (2019)

With these apps, your Apple Pencil might actually replace your *real* pencils.

by Jess Grey in Gear
September 15, 2019

Fitbit Versa 2 Review: Still Not An Apple Watch

The latest iteration of Fitbit’s popular smartwatch is still useful, if flawed.

by Adrienne So in Gear
September 14, 2019

8 Best Zink Instant Cameras & Printers (Zero Ink, Inkless)

We’ve been testing inkless “Zero Ink” printers and instant cameras for months. These are our favorites.

by Scott Gilbertson in Gear