Category: Gear / Trends

November 22, 2019


How chef Eric Rivera is upending the traditional restaurant model—and making delicious food while he’s at it.

by Joe Ray in Backchannel
November 14, 2019

Audio Porn Platform Quinn Streams Erotica to Your Ears

The website, now relaunching, aims to become the internet’s top destination for sexy sound clips as the “Spotify for audio porn.”

by Liz Stinson in Gear
November 12, 2019

Best Buy Made These Smart Home Gadgets Dumb Again

It’s yet another cautionary tale about the risks of buying internet-connected devices.

by Louise Matsakis in Gear
October 31, 2019

HBO Max Is the New $200 iPhone

The days of carrier smartphone subsidies are long gone—but streaming subscriptions are filling the void.

by Brian Barrett in Gear
October 29, 2019

Google’s .New Shortcuts Are Now for Everyone

Want to start a playlist, make a dinner reservation, or post code to Github? Try something .new

by Brian Barrett in Gear
October 27, 2019

I Tracked Everything My Baby Did Until Nothing Made Sense Anymore

Has a baby pooped at all if it can’t be viewed as part of a Poop Frequency Trend Chart going back three months?

by James Temperton WIRED UK in Gear
October 22, 2019

In Praise of Ugly and Conspicuous Security Cameras

Surveillance works best when the bad guys can see they’re being watched. So why design smart-home security cameras to blend in so beautifully?

by Jonathon Keats in Gear
October 15, 2019

RIP Dashboard, the MacOS Feature I Don’t Want to Live Without

Apple has killed off the Dashboard in macOS Catalina. At least one person will miss it dearly.

by Lily Hay Newman in Gear
October 10, 2019

USB-C Has Finally Come Into Its Own

“The port of the future” has become the port of right now—with one big exception.

by Brian Barrett in Gear
October 10, 2019

Andy Rubin’s Essential Gem Isn’t Just a New Phone

The Essential Gem makes clear that it’s becoming harder to disassociate new products from the people making them.

by Lauren Goode in Gear