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April 3, 2021

I Avoided Fake Meat for Years. That Was a Big Mistake

Our food writer had been steering clear of Impossible, Beyond, and other plant-based meat replacements—until he finally cooked with some.

by Joe Ray in Gear
March 22, 2021

Roli's Lumi Keys Taught Me How to Play Piano … Sort Of

The portable Bluetooth keyboard is the modern-day Lite-Brite of musical instruments. Just don’t expect to master Chopin.

by Boone Ashworth in Gear
March 7, 2021

The 55-Inch Q80T Is The Cheapest Samsung TV Worth Buying

This is a good mid-tier model, but it’s still more expensive than the competition.

by Parker Hall in Gear
February 20, 2021

The Best Posture Correctors to Put a Stop to Your Slouch

You’re hunched over your desk and phone for hours. So we rounded up the gear to help you straighten up—including a DIY trick and yoga advice.

by Medea Giordano in Gear
February 12, 2021

Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro Are the Best Premium Earbuds

Samsung’s AirPods Pro competitors have better battery life, better sound, and a more comfortable fit than Apple’s buds.

by Parker Hall in Gear
February 1, 2021

Grado’s No-Frills Wireless Buds Have Seriously Good Sound

The GT220 have the excellent audio quality the company is known for, and they fit better than most of the competition.

by Adrienne So in Gear
January 30, 2021

The 14 Best Weekend Deals on Speakers, Video Games, and More

You’ll find discounts this week on audio equipment, our favorite video calling device, TVs, and movies.

by Gear Team in Deals
January 29, 2021

The Jabra Elite 85t Are Premium Earbuds Made To Last

The company’s latest in-ears have a two-year water damage warranty, wireless charging, noise canceling, and a mighty cozy fit.

by Parker Hall in Gear
January 27, 2021

The Priority Apollo Gravel Bike Handles Both Roads and Mud

This light, versatile, and low-maintenance bicycle has reconciled me to the existence of gravel bikes.

by Adrienne So in Gear
January 26, 2021

The North Face Puts the Latest Road Running Tech on the Trail

The storied outdoor brand has introduced a new trail running shoe with speedy—and controversial—carbon-fiber plates in the soles.

by Adrienne So in Gear