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April 11, 2021

What’s Making You So Gassy? This Gadget Aims to Find Out

The FoodMarble measures the level of hydrogen in your breath, which can tell you which foods are causing your digestion woes.

by Christopher Null in Gear
April 8, 2021

The Best Theragun to Buy (and Other Great Massage Guns)

Therabody’s percussive therapy devices help soothe achy muscles. Here’s our guide to its lineup—and some cheaper alternatives.

by Medea Giordano Gear Team in Gear
March 31, 2021

How to Design the Perfect Yoga Space at Home

Got a tiny apartment? You don’t need to give up yoga—you just have to be a little flexible.

by Matt Jancer in Gear
March 28, 2021

Get Moving With Our Favorite Fitness Apps and Services

Whether you’re looking for live classes, guided walks, or want to run through a field of screaming zombies, we have workout inspiration for you.

by Adrienne So in Break a Sweat
March 27, 2021

This App-Connected Jump Rope Workout Feels Just Like Recess

This app-guided jump rope system gives you a killer full-body exercise routine that’s also loads of fun. Your downstairs neighbors just might not be as amused.

by Billy Brown in Gear
March 22, 2021

Lululemon's New Yoga Mat Uses 3D Ridges to Perfect Your Poses

The mat’s soft bumps and ripples are meant to guide at-home yogis who don’t have a watchful instructor to correct their alignment.

by Boone Ashworth in Gear
March 18, 2021

The Best Wireless Earbuds for Working Out

Rock your inner jock with a pair of sturdy and sweatproof wireless headphones. Here are our favorites.

by Adrienne So in Buying Guide
March 3, 2021

Soak in Your Own Sweat Inside a Heated Sauna Blanket

MiHigh’s portable infrared sauna is warm, wet, and weird.

by Boone Ashworth in Gear
March 1, 2021

The Best Fitness Trackers and Watches for Everyone

Whether you’re backcountry skiing or running around the backyard, we have an activity tracker for you.

by Adrienne So in Gear
February 26, 2021

Now Is a Great Time to Try These 5 Menstrual Products

Spending more time at home? Here is some budget- and eco-friendly gear—like a cup, period underwear, or reusable pads—to explore.

by Medea Giordano in Code Red