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January 22, 2020

Microsoft Looms Over the Privacy Debate in Its Home State

The software company helped torpedo a facial recognition bill last year, though a state senator—who’s also a Microsoft program manager—has a new bill in the works.

by Tom Simonite in Business
January 21, 2020

AI Can Do Great Things—If It Doesn’t Burn the Planet

The computing power required for AI landmarks, such as recognizing images and defeating humans at Go, increased 300,000-fold from 2012 to 2018. 

by Will Knight in Business
January 21, 2020

The Secret History of Facial Recognition

Sixty years ago, a sharecropper’s son invented a technology to identify faces. Then the record of his role all but vanished. Who was Woody Bledsoe, and who was he working for?

by Shaun Raviv in Backchannel
January 21, 2020

Worried About Privacy at Home? There’s an AI for That

How edge AI will provide devices with just enough smarts to get the job done without spilling all your secrets to the mothership.

by Clive Thompson in Business
January 20, 2020

How Aid Groups Map Refugee Camps That Officially Don’t Exist

Workers from Switzerland-based Medair use clipboards, cell phones, and GIS software to locate informal settlements of Syrian refugees across Lebanon.

by Abby Sewell in Business
January 19, 2020

He Wanted a Unicorn. He Got … a Sustainable Business

Gumroad founder Sahil Lavingia finds a way to thrive outside Silicon Valley’s cult of big riches. 

by Klint Finley in Business
January 18, 2020

PopSockets, Sonos, and Tile Ask Congress to Rein in Big Tech

At a congressional hearing Friday, smaller companies including PopSockets, Tile, Sonos, and Basecamp criticized Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon for having power over them.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
January 17, 2020

Apple’s Latest Deal Shows How AI Is Moving Right Onto Devices

The iPhone maker’s purchase of startup is the latest move toward a trend of computing on the “edge,” rather than in the cloud. 

by Will Knight in Business
January 16, 2020

Artist Refik Anadol Turns Data Into Art, With Help From AI

He sees pools of data as raw material for visualizations that he calls a new kind of “sculpture.”

by Tom Simonite in Business
January 16, 2020

Inside the Feds’ Battle Against Huawei

How Washington went to war against the Chinese smartphone giant, and how the runaway conflict could spell the end of a single, global internet. 

by Garrett M. Graff in Backchannel