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May 22, 2019

Judge Finds Qualcomm’s Pricing Policy Violates Antitrust Law

The US joins China, the European Union, and South Korea, in ruling that Qualcomm violated laws in how it licenses its smartphone chips.

by Klint Finley in Business
May 20, 2019

FCC Chair Backs Sprint/T-Mobile Merger, Clearing One Hurdle

Ajit Pai said he’s satisfied with the companies’ promises to build a 5G network and spin off a subsidiary brand. The Justice Department still has doubts.

by Klint Finley in Business
May 20, 2019

5G Is Coming, and It’s Fortified With Fiber

Countless new wireless transmitters will relay all that data to your phone, and many will connect to the internet through endless miles of new fiber-optic cable.

by Lauren Joseph in Business
May 1, 2019

Alaska Will Finally Get Its Own Fiber-Optic Line

An Alaskan telco is building a 270-mile fiber-optic line that will connect with Canadian carriers and ultimately the Lower 48.

by Klint Finley in Business
April 25, 2019

Huawei Still Has Friends in Europe, Despite US Warnings

The UK appears ready to allow Huawei gear in “non-core” parts of its 5G network. Many European countries rely heavily on Chinese equipment.

by Klint Finley in Business
April 12, 2019

Trump Vows Speedy Path to 5G, but Offers Few New Ideas

President Trump says the US “must win” the race to 5G. But a plan outlined by FCC Chair Ajit Pai is a modest expansion of existing programs.

by Klint Finley in Business
April 5, 2019

How Google Is Cramming More Data Into Its New Atlantic Cable

Google says its planned Dunant cable from Virginia to France will transmit 250 terabits per second, enough to zap the Library of Congress through it three times a second.