Category: Business / Tech Culture

January 23, 2021

A Fight Over GameStop's Soaring Stock Turns Ugly

The denizens of the Wall Street Bets subreddit helped push the flailing stock to dizzying heights—while a short-seller alleged an accompanying harassment campaign.

by Cecilia DAnastasio in Business
January 21, 2021

Alphabet Is Grounding Loon—but Won't Call It a Failure

Plus: The moonshot’s launch, health care for the maskless, and a new era’s inaugural meme.

by Steven Levy in Business
January 15, 2021

Facebook Can’t Fix What It Won’t Admit To

Plus: Zuckerberg’s community manifesto, how to hold platforms accountable, and an accidental admission in Congress.

by Steven Levy in Business
January 12, 2021

Google’s New Union Is Already Addressing Political Issues

The Alphabet Workers Union isn’t seeking better pay and benefits. It wants to influence the company’s policies on social and other issues.

by Aarian Marshall in Business
January 8, 2021

A Trump Ban Is Easy. Fixing Facebook and Twitter Will Be Hard

Plus: Dorsey in the Trump administration’s early days, how to define privacy, and chaos in the Capitol.

by Steven Levy in Business
December 29, 2020

Yet Another Year of Venture Capital Being Really White

After a year of protests against racial inequality and industry vows to do better, Black founders are still getting left out of Silicon Valley’s financial engine.

by Arielle Pardes in Business
December 18, 2020

Why Did the NSA Go (Virtually) MIA?

Plus: A visit to the agency’s headquarters, a license for engineers, and a holiday reprieve.

by Steven Levy in Business
December 14, 2020

Conferences After Covid Will Be Shorter—and Smarter

In-person gatherings will resume eventually, but innovations born during the pandemic will remain.

by Joanna Pearlstein in Business
December 11, 2020

Mark Zuckerberg’s Blue Christmas

Plus: A WhatsApp cofounder’s regrets, the rules of chip hoarding, and a failed attempt at influencer marketing.

by Steven Levy in Business
December 4, 2020

Apple’s Covid Response Was Extremely Apple

Plus: A patented pizza box, polarization on Parler, and a sad update.

by Steven Levy in Business