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November 19, 2019

Every Startup Needs to Prepare for Its Downfall

Silicon Valley lives in denial, so nobody plans for the inevitable.

by Arielle Pardes in Business
November 14, 2019

Pinterest Has a New Plan to Address Self-Harm

The company has gotten better at removing distressing content. Now it wants to help users feel better.

by Arielle Pardes in Business
November 9, 2019

Ben Horowitz on a Murder, Genghis Khan, and Corporate Culture

If he simply told companies that new employee orientation programs were valuable they would blow him off. So he resorts to violence.

by Paris Martineau in Business
November 8, 2019

Former Facebook Executive Chris Cox on Elections and Climate Change

At WIRED25, the ex-chief product officer talks about why he left the social media company and his new work on climate and progressive politics.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
November 8, 2019

Stripe CEO Patrick Collison on Crypto, China, and Fixing the Web

In a conversation at WIRED25, the online payments CEO talks about cryptocurrency, government regulation, the housing crisis, and doing business in China.

by Boone Ashworth Michael Calore in Business
November 8, 2019

Ecosia’s Search Engine Plants More Trees With Every Web Search

The search engine Ecosia is trying to slow climate change by funneling profits into organizations that plant trees in deforested areas.

by Owen Poindexter in Business
November 7, 2019

Even in an Existential Crisis, WeWork Continues to Grow

At a party celebrating the launch of WeWork’s newest Food Lab, the company’s bigger problems seemed far away.

by Arielle Pardes in Business
October 19, 2019

WeWork’s Failure is SoftBank’s Day Of Reckoning

Opinion: Venture capitalists need to take stock of reality after all the blitzscaling.

by Leonard Sherman in Business
October 17, 2019

Juul, Under Heavy Fire, Pulls Fruit-Flavored Pods From US

Vaping opponents criticize plan to continue selling the popular mint and menthol flavors. 

by Sara Harrison in Business
October 3, 2019

Stumbles at Uber and WeWork Don’t Mean the End of Tech

Opinion: Venture capitalists can be subject to the same bubbles and group think as ordinary investors. 

by Zachary Karabell in Business