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July 9, 2020

An Audit Slams Facebook as a Home for Misinformation and Hate

In a meeting and an unusual report, activist groups that instigated an ad boycott of the social media company say it has not responded adequately to criticism.

by Sidney Fussell in Business
June 29, 2020

Social Media Drops the Hammer on Team Trump

Reddit and Twitch are the latest companies to take action against the president and his supporters, as platforms re-evaluate and reinforce hate speech policies.

by Gilad Edelman in Business
June 22, 2020

Microsoft’s Livestreaming Service Mixer Will Shut Down

The company announced it’s shutting down its livestreaming service and will soon redirect to Facebook Gaming.

by Cecilia DAnastasio in Business
June 22, 2020

The Two Faces of Facebook’s Election Plans

The social media giant plans a big voter-registration push. But it still struggles to combat political misinformation.

by Aarian Marshall in Business
June 18, 2020

How TikTok’s ‘For You’ Algorithm Works

For the first time, the social media company is opening up about its most mysterious feature.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
June 11, 2020

Twitter’s Newest Trick Relies on Tracking More of Your Clicks

The social media company is testing warnings for users who try to share links to articles they haven’t read. To do that, it has to know what you’ve read.

by Sidney Fussell in Business
June 9, 2020

Zynn, the Hot New Video App, Is Full of Stolen Content

Multiple influencers told WIRED that their videos had been copied from other platforms and reposted to Zynn without permission.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
June 5, 2020

Reddit’s Cofounder Wants a Black Person to Take His Board Seat

Alexis Ohanian’s resignation is among the most dramatic responses in the tech industry to the killing of George Floyd.

by Sidney Fussell in Business
June 2, 2020

Facebook Employees Take the Rare Step to Call Out Mark Zuckerberg

Some workers at the social media giant are publicly criticizing decisions not to remove or flag misleading posts by President Trump.

by Steven Levy in Business
June 1, 2020

Tech Companies Denounce Racism. Will Silicon Valley Change?

The killing of George Floyd elicited corporate outrage, and some donations. But well-intentioned rhetoric has not always been followed by meaningful action.

by Aarian Marshall Arielle Pardes in Business