Category: Business / Policy and Net Neutrality

May 21, 2019

Why a T-Mobile/Sprint Merger Would Be Bad for the Public

Opinion: FCC chair Ajit Pai says the deal is in the public interest. Except it would raise prices, reduce competition and innovation, and harm low-income Americans.

by Gigi Sohn in Business
May 9, 2019

Trump’s Trade War With China Hasn’t Wrecked Tech—Yet

The president is threatening to lift tariffs on Chinese-made goods to 25%. The effect of last year’s tariffs has been surprisingly muted.

by Zachary Karabell in Business
April 29, 2019

Tech Lobbyists Push to Defang California’s Landmark Privacy Law

Privacy advocates worry that a slate of proposed changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act may impede the law’s effectiveness.

by Issie Lapowsky in Business
April 10, 2019

House Endorses Net Neutrality, but the Outlook Remains Dim

The House voted largely along party lines to restore the FCC’s net neutrality rules, but the measure faces opposition in the Senate and a likely veto by President Trump.

by Klint Finley in Business
April 9, 2019

The UK’s Tech Backlash Could Change the Internet

A British white paper suggests requiring tech giants to remove content that’s “harmful,” as well as illegal, a far-reaching proposal for a western democracy.

by Paris Martineau in Business