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January 20, 2021

Palantir’s God’s-Eye View of Afghanistan

The company’s software can sift through enormous amounts of data, and those metrics can be used to make life-or-death decisions.

by Annie Jacobsen in Book Excerpt
January 5, 2021

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack – January 2021

This month’s focus is on Zhang Zhan, who had been posting reports from Wuhan since early February. She was arrested in May.

by Wired Staff in Business
December 18, 2020

Google’s Antitrust Cases: A Guide for the Perplexed

The company is facing multiple lawsuits from the Department of Justice and three dozen states. Here’s what you need to know.

by Gilad Edelman in Big Tech
December 16, 2020

Texas Accuses Google and Facebook of an Illegal Conspiracy

A new antitrust case against Google alleges that the two companies made a deal to reduce competition in online advertising.

by Gilad Edelman in Business
December 16, 2020

The First Americans Are Being Vaccinated. Now, the Hard Part

State and local officials are scrambling to figure out how to inoculate millions—after health care workers and the elderly—against the novel coronavirus.

by Gregory Barber in Booster Shot
December 9, 2020

The Smoking Gun in the Facebook Antitrust Case

The government wants to break up the world’s biggest social network. Internal company emails show why.

by Gilad Edelman in Business
December 3, 2020

On Section 230, It’s Trump vs. Trump

The president is urging Congress to repeal a law that his own trade agreements commit the country to.

by Gilad Edelman in Business
December 1, 2020

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack – December 2020

This month’s list focuses on cases relating to Covid-19, as thousands of individuals have called on the UN to free jailed journalists amid the ongoing pandemic.

by Wired Staff in Business
November 27, 2020

As Cities Curb Surveillance, Baltimore Police Took to the Air

In a program that overcame three court challenges this year, planes with high-tech cameras circled the city up to 40 hours a week.

by Sidney Fussell in Business
November 21, 2020

What the EU Gets Right—and the US Gets Wrong—About Antitrust

European regulators focus on how Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google use—and abuse–their vast stores of data to maintain advantages over rivals.

by Zachary Karabell in Business