Category: Business / National Affairs

September 26, 2020

Activists at Amazon Say Its Climate Efforts Still Fall Short

One year after organizing a walkout, employees are calling for a more ambitious environmental agenda.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
September 21, 2020

The Fight Over the Fight Over California’s Privacy Future

Prop. 24 is designed to make the California Consumer Privacy Act stronger. Why do so many privacy advocates oppose it?

by Gilad Edelman in Business
September 18, 2020

Trump’s TikTok Circus Will Have Lasting Consequences

The larger issues around China’s technological rise aren’t going away.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
September 13, 2020

Everyone Wants to Crack Down on China—Except Silicon Valley

Many Democrats agree with Trump on curbing the country’s influence. But a Biden administration, influenced by tech, may strike a different tone.

by Daniel Sneider in Business
September 7, 2020

Voting Machines Suck. This Pair Has a Plan to Fix Them

On this week’s Get WIRED podcast, we tell the story of how a computer science professor and a Texas county clerk teamed up to make our elections more secure.

by Lauren Goode in Business
September 1, 2020

Amazon Deletes Job Posts Seeking Analysts to Track ‘Labor Organizing Threats’

The company says the descriptions of the roles were incorrect. Critics say it’s a warning shot.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
September 1, 2020

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack – September 2020

This month brings attention to the cases of missing reporters worldwide—including Sri Lankan writer Prageeth Eknelygoda, who was abducted over 10 years ago.

by Wired Staff in Business
August 24, 2020

Covid Hits Minorities Hardest, but Data Often Doesn’t Show It

Many states are not collecting the race or ethnicity of coronavirus patients, which can make it harder to know the true impact on low-income communities.

by Tom Simonite in Business
August 23, 2020

Police Want Your Smart Speaker—Here’s Why

Requests are rising from law enforcement for information on the devices, which can include internet queries, food orders, and overheard conversations.

by Sidney Fussell in Business
August 21, 2020

How the Pandemic Reshaped Election Campaigns—Maybe Forever

The digital infrastructures have been under construction for years. But the pandemic has forced candidates to embrace them and to get creative with how they use them.

by Ricki Harris in Business