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September 18, 2019

Amazon Cracks Down on Third-Party Apps Over Privacy Violations

Amazon sellers use the apps to do business more efficiently, but they can also access shoppers’ personal information.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
September 9, 2019

FDA Says Juul Can’t Claim to Be Safer Than Cigarettes

Regulators say Juul hasn’t proved its claim that e-cigarettes are safer than tobacco, and uses misleading appeals to kids.

by Sara Harrison in Business
September 9, 2019

States Are Turning Up the Heat on Google and Facebook

State attorneys general revealed investigations into possible anticompetitive behavior by tech giants, adding to probes by Congress and federal agencies.

by Klint Finley in Business
September 5, 2019

Why American Workers Need to Be Protected From Automation

Opinion: As President, I would issue a robot tax for corporations displacing humans, and create a federal agency to oversee automation.

by Bill de Blasio in Business
September 4, 2019

YouTube’s Case Shows FTC Fines Alone Won’t Slow Down Big Tech

The FTC could do more to punish companies like Google and Facebook over privacy violations. But the bigger problem is that Congress continues to do nothing at all.

by Brian Barrett in Business
September 3, 2019

One Free Press Coalition Spotlights Journalists Under Attack

An investigative reporter in Mexico suffers retaliatory attacks and a Tanzanian journalist is detailed by police.

by Wired Staff in Business
August 30, 2019

Senators on Protecting Kids’ Privacy: ‘It’s Complicated’

Even conservative lawmakers say they’re open to more regulation when it comes to tech companies and children online. So where is it?

by Matt Laslo in Business
August 27, 2019

China Trade Spillover, LA’s Pollution by Block, and More News

Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.

by Lydia Horne in Business
August 16, 2019

What Does Amazon’s ‘Top Brand’ Badge Actually Mean?

Amazon is experimenting with yet another mysterious badge to help shoppers sort through the millions of choices its marketplace offers.

by Louise Matsakis in Business
August 13, 2019

Trump Delays Tariffs on Smartphones and Laptops

The administration said it would delay planned 10 percent tariffs on a range of electronics until Dec. 15, meaning they should not affect holiday shopping.

by Klint Finley in Business