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November 16, 2019

Every Tech Company Wants to Be a Bank—Someday, At Least

Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Uber are all eyeing financial services as the next frontier. Getting there might take some work.

by Gregory Barber in Business
November 12, 2019

Opinion: China is Pushing Toward Global Blockchain Dominance

As US leaders dither, President Xi Jinping vies for the technological future of finance.

by Kevin Werbach in Business
November 6, 2019

Coinbase Wants to Pay Interest on Crypto Coins, Sort Of

By holding particular cryptocurrencies in a Coinbase account, the exchange says you’ll receive set returns independent of the market’s spikes.

by Gregory Barber in Business
November 4, 2019

These Researchers Are Trying to Build a Better Blockchain

Blockchain tech enables systems where no one is in charge, and keeps them secure. But it’s compute-intensive and slow, a hurdle for applications like payments. 

by Gregory Barber in Business
October 29, 2019

The Shady Cryptocurrency Boom on the Post-Soviet Frontier

Dodgy energy deals, loose regulation, and dubious characters—with links to the Hillary Clinton email hackers—are fueling a burgeoning crypto industry that could provide an end run around US sanctions.

by Hannah Lucinda Smith in Backchannel
October 28, 2019

What’s Blockchain Actually Good for, Anyway? For Now, Not Much

Not long ago, blockchain technology was touted as a way to track tuna, bypass banks, and preserve property records. Reality has proved a much tougher challenge.

by Gregory Barber in Business
October 22, 2019

How to Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Libra Testimony in Congress

The Facebook CEO will appear before the House Financial Services Committee—ostensibly to discuss the cryptocurrency, but the questions could range far beyond.

by Gregory Barber in Business
October 15, 2019

Libra’s Ranks Shrink Again As Crypto Group Appoints a Board

A seventh member exits the body that is supposed to administer Facebook’s cryptocurrency, which has set “interim” rules and put together its board.

by Gregory Barber in Business
October 12, 2019

Facebook Is Losing Its Cover for Libra As More Members Flee

The departures of Visa, Mastercard, and three others mean that more than ever, Libra is Facebook’s cryptocurrency project.

by Gregory Barber in Business
October 7, 2019

The Ties That Bind Facebook’s Libra

Facebook says its cryptocurrency will be managed by an independent group, but an analysis finds more than half of the members have links back to the social media giant.

by Elise Thomas in Business