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December 20, 2018

The ‘Future Book’ Is Here, but It’s Not What We Expected

Visionaries thought technology would change books. Instead, it’s changed everything about publishing a book.

by Craig Mod in Backchannel
December 12, 2018

How WhatsApp Fuels Fake News and Violence in India

The messaging app owned by Facebook has become a major channel for hate speech and false stories in India. The government is demanding changes.

by Timothy McLaughlin in Backchannel
November 13, 2018

How Fei-Fei Li Will Make Artificial Intelligence Better for Humanity

AI has a problem: The biases of its creators are getting hard-coded into its future. Fei-Fei Li has a plan to fix that—by rebooting the field she helped invent.

by Jessi Hempel in Backchannel
November 13, 2018

How to Teach Artificial Intelligence Some Common Sense

We’ve spent years teaching neural nets to think like human brains. They’re crazy-smart, but what if we’ve been doing it all wrong?

by Clive Thompson in Backchannel
November 13, 2018

DIY Tinkerers Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence

The age of homebrew AI may not be all sweetness and light. Nor will it be all darkness and porn. Meet some of the pioneers showing what happens when the masses can teach computers new tricks.

by Tom Simonite in Backchannel
November 9, 2018

Monkeywrenching Vandals Are Reinventing Climate Activism

Angry about climate change, activists shut down an oil pipeline in Minnesota—and then tried to convince a jury that their illegal actions were necessary.

by Dean Kuipers in Backchannel
October 23, 2018

The AI Cold War With China That Could Doom Us All

Artificial intelligence could be the ultimate authoritarian tool. But one thing’s for sure: Charging into an AI arms race against China is a huge mistake.

by Nicholas Thompson in Backchannel
October 23, 2018

In Texas, Techies Are Trying to Turn the Red State Blue

How organizers are using Silicon Valley–style tactics to get people (read: Democrats) registered to vote.

by Antonio Garcia Martinez in Backchannel