November 18, 2020

6 non-profits giving women a boost in tech

In theory, computing is egalitarian. Anyone with the right understanding of how it all works can code, whether you’re a woman from Detroit or a man from Laredo.

In practice, it doesn’t always work that way. Computing and IT exist in the real world, and the real world is not known for being fair. Not everyone has access to learning resources, to good Internet connections, or to halfway decent computing hardware. And for many people, what’s missing most is mentorship—having someone experienced you can turn to to help you find your way.

Women continue to face challenges in the tech industry, especially women of color and LGBTQ+ women. But over the last several years, a slew of organizations have stepped up to give women from all walks of life better access to resources for technical education, job placement, and networking opportunities. 

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