June 27, 2019

Sucrase rivals Babel JavaScript compiler for development use

The speedy Sucrase compiler is emerging as a potential alternative to the Babel JavaScript compiler for development purposes, if not for production builds. The developers behind the project claim that Sucrase is much faster than Babel, while acknowledging that it lacks Babel’s scope and versatility. 

Sucrase is intended to make programming more fun by making builds faster. Sucrase assumes a developer is using a recent browser or a recent version of Node.js. Thus, it focuses on compiling non-standard language extensions such as TypeScript, Flow, and JSX. This narrower scope enables leveraging of a compiler architecture that is much more performant, albeit less extensible and maintainable. As a result, developers are advised to think carefully about using Sucrase in production. Babel or tsc is more suitable for production builds in most cases. 

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