March 14, 2018

Enterprise Content Management Heats Up with AI and Automation to Tackle Data Sprawl Nucleus Research Value Matrix Finds

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The 2018 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Technology Value Matrix
finds a growing trend towards AI and machine learning as well as
automation to manage the growing sprawl of data and exponential
proliferation of content across organizations.

Leading vendors are moving away from inflexible monolithic platforms to
solutions that can manage data across all facets of an organization,
both locally or in the cloud. Leaders in the ECM Value Matrix include:
Box, Digitech Systems, Laserfiche, Microsoft, M-Files and Nuxeo.

“Content growth has been explosive and is increasingly hard to manage,
posing significant risks for compliance, operations and marketing. ECM
Value Matrix leaders are distinguishing themselves from other vendors
with AI and automation tools that can handle this exponential growth of
data,” said Ian Campbell, CEO at Nucleus Research.

In addition to AI and automation, the use of metadata is making content
management easier, more efficient and more flexible. Vendors are making
advancements in metadata capabilities, making for lightweight solutions
with usable interfaces that manage content across solution-agnostic
repositories. This puts a stronger focus on analyzing data to gain
insight and derive more value.

“ECM is no longer an inflexible platform to store content and little
else. It’s grown to become a comprehensive solution that touches every
part of an organization in some way. Vendors are taking up the challenge
of helping companies manage content more efficiently wherever it resides
in the organization,” said Barbara Peck, principal analyst at Nucleus

Vendors are evaluated on both usability and functionality – key drivers
of value – and placed into four categories: Leaders, Experts,
Facilitators, and Core Providers. Customers can use the Matrices to
evaluate vendor short lists as well as to make the case for maintaining
existing applications.

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