March 13, 2018

Yahoo Japan Corporation Deploys Apstra in Multi-Vendor Intent-Based Network to Simplify and Automate Data Center Network Operations

MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apstra® Inc., the pioneer in Intent-Based Networking announced today
that Yahoo Japan Corporation, one of the largest Internet companies in
Japan selected and deployed AOS® in its production multi-vendor Clos
data center network in November 2017.

Yahoo Japan Corporation required a new data center network
infrastructure and more efficient network operations to support their
big data requirements and massive
growth in network traffic
. The company evaluated many options
including proprietary offerings from large established vendors, and Do
it Yourself (DIY) approaches deployed by hyperscale companies. Yahoo
Japan Corporation applied the same design, software, hardware and chip
principles and selections as a hyperscale provider except the hyperscale
company had built their own automation software. Yahoo Japan Corporation
decided that hiring a large team, at a high cost over many years to
deliver such a critical undertaking was prohibitive. The company
selected and deployed Apstra’s AOS as the first commercial automation
software ever deployed in the company’s network.

“After extensive research Yahoo Japan Corporation chose the strategy and best
practices of a large hyperscale company
that had adopted a Clos
fabric network to flexibly scale out their networking equipment to
support our Hadoop infrastructure,” said Kenya Murakoshi, Senior
Manager, Site Operations Division, System Management Group at Yahoo
Japan Corporation. “Apstra streamlines Yahoo Japan Corporation’s network
design, build and operations processes by abstracting the network
configuration with a concept of intent, which was a new concept to us,
but the benefits were clear. Apstra Intent-Based Analytics allow us to
specify how we want our network to operate. We tell AOS what we want to
happen vs. doing it ourselves. Apstra’s telemetry then provides deep
insight into the state of our network and alerts us if there are risks
like cabling or traffic imbalance issues that need to be addressed.
Deployment of AOS at Yahoo Japan Corporation went smoothly without major

“Apstra offers the only multi-vendor offering that matched Yahoo Japan
Corporation’s needs as we deploy network equipment from different
vendors including white box products. We were impressed by the Apstra
team’s passion to solve our problems. In addition, AOS allows Yahoo
Japan Corporation to quickly automate, streamline, and replicate the
building and operation of our Clos network fabric. We appreciate
Apstra’s unmatched feature velocity, which is a huge differentiator, and
we look forward to their growing feature set. We foresee a VXLAN/EVPN
use case in the future with AOS, plan to replace more legacy 3 tier
networks with Clos, and believe that Yahoo Japan Corporation will see
even greater value from AOS in the future as we scale out our network.
There is no real alternative to AOS in the market,” added Kenya

Japan Corporation had a clear vision
for the transformative impact
of a fully automated multi-vendor Clos data center network operational
model. They recognized that AOS and our declarative “intent-based”
approach were the perfect fit to operate the company’s large Hadoop
deployment, Clos environment, and the company’s requirement to increase
east-west traffic,” said Mansour Karam, CEO and founder of Apstra.
“Yahoo Japan Corporation has been a great partner to Apstra, validating
our feature velocity and hardware inclusive approach. We look forward to
partnering with them as they scale-out their full network infrastructure
with multiple hardware vendors of their choice, including established
vendors and open alternatives.”

Key requirements for Yahoo Japan Corporation included:

  • Operate and manage the large Clos fabric network that supports their
    Hadoop clusters with limited human resources (90 racks X 16 servers
    and thousands of nodes)
  • Rapidly deploy and replicate cross-platform telemetry services
  • Develop a multi-vendor network that is hardware-inclusive
  • Feature velocity to support Yahoo Japan Corporation’s constant flow of
    new Big Data offerings, including the automation of Day 2 maintenance
    workflows and powerful visibility to reduce Mean Time to Resolution

Key benefits reported by Yahoo Japan Corporation after Apstra AOS:

  • Ability to deploy multi-vendor network
  • Increased reliability (faster MTTR) with Apstra Intent-Based Analytics™
  • Reduction in design time (resource pooling)
  • Reduction in deployment time through the ability with AOS to “click to
    deploy” multiple PODs from the same design in minutes, and with no
    human intervention
  • Reduction in management/complexity of the system, resulting in massive
    simplification of operations
  • Reduction in OpEx
  • Continuous Validation with cross-platform telemetry post deployment
  • Increased feature velocity including future features that could not be
    built in-house – including Day 2 maintenance operations across
    vendors, and intent-based analytics
  • Powerful Graph Live Queries
  • Excellent GUI providing a single pane view of the intent vs. network

Big data and Hadoop are core technologies and strategic initiatives at
Yahoo Japan Corporation which analyzes vast amounts of data obtained
from its portal to constantly improve and develop new innovative
Internet and ecommerce offerings. The company’s multi-vendor Clos
network infrastructure connects hundreds of servers supporting thousands
of nodes dedicated to supporting Hadoop across the enterprise, provides
better network performance, and enables decommissioning many Hadoop
nodes at once. A scale-out architecture and ability to easily, quickly,
and affordably add capacity and reduce operational complexity to support
the Hadoop network was critical.

Multi-Vendor is Key
Yahoo Japan Corporation selected a
switch vendor that also offered a proprietary management automation
solution but the company also planned to deploy open, disaggregated
hardware alternatives. Yahoo Japan Corporation is a big data-driven
company experiencing a tremendous increase in network traffic and data.
With the scale out traffic and growth in systems, the company was
challenged to hire fast enough and recognized that automation was
critical. The company has a large Hadoop deployment as a core technology
and found that AOS is a perfect fit for the Clos environment and the
company’s requirement to increase east-west traffic.

a webinar
on March 27th to learn more about why Yahoo Japan
Corporation selected Apstra for multi-vendor intent-based networking or
schedule a meeting at the OCP
Summit March 20-21 in booth C11
or at Cisco
Live in Orlando at booth #1055

Yahoo Japan Corporation is one of the largest Internet companies in
Japan offering more than 100 services including search, news and
e-commerce via PC and smart devices.

delivers a turnkey Intent-Based distributed operating system and a data
center application suite that offer game-changing network service
agility, increased uptime and dramatically improved infrastructure TCO.
AOS automatically prevents and repairs network outages for dramatically
improved infrastructure uptime. It operates a network as one system,
massively improving infrastructure agility while reducing operational
expenses. AOS’ distributed data store is a repository of all intent,
configuration, and telemetry state, and hence acts as a single source of
truth for your network. It’s self-documenting nature streamlines
compliance tasks. AOS is hardware-inclusive and works across all major
vendors as well as open alternatives.

About Apstra, Inc.
Apstra® pioneered Intent-Based Networking
and Intent-Based Analytics™ to simplify how data center networks are
built and operated. AOS® increases business agility through an
autonomous or Self-Operating Network™ that delivers log-scale
improvements in CapEx, OpEx and capacity. AOS is a hardware-inclusive,
closed-loop intent-based distributed operating system that automates the
full lifecycle of network operations and enables the network to
configure itself, fix itself and defend itself. Apstra is based in Menlo
Park, California and is privately funded.


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