March 2, 2018

Arena Music Quietly Launches Worldwide: Hope for Independent Music in the Shadow of a Spotify IPO

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Simple Machine, LLC announced today that Version 1.0 of the Arena Music platform has officially launched worldwide.

Arena Music is an on-demand merchandise storefront that leverages a free music streaming service to attract the listeners it converts into merchandise customers. Built exclusively for independent artists who seek viable alternatives to monetizing their content in an economy where consumers no longer purchase music to own, Arena Music is the first music streaming and merchandising platform to offer fair pay to artists and free play to listeners. By leveraging music as a loss leader, Arena is helping artists and labels redirect consumer attention to exclusive music and merchandise bundled offerings.

According to, Spotify’s offering reveals $1.5 billion in losses from last year, a consistent trend for the company and other platforms of its kind. Arena is independently owned and debt-free, and stands apart from subscription-based services as the only profitable streaming service in existence.

Wonder what an artist-owned streaming service would look like? Follow our campaign closely in the next few weeks.

For more information download the app or visit us at

About Simple Machine, LLC

Simple Machine, LLC owns and operates the Arena Music streaming platform and Arena Merchandising. Arena encourages musicians to promote merchandise sales while listeners stream exclusive content from established artists and well qualified independent acts without advertisements or a monthly subscription.

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