February 28, 2018

Marfeel Cuts Publishers’ Page Loads to 0.7 Seconds

BARCELONA, Spain–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Marfeel, an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites, today announced that it has adopted a new content delivery network (CDN) from industry leader Fastly. Marfeel has enhanced its infrastructure by using Fastly’s edge cloud platform to bring speedy 0.7-second page rendering to Marfeel’s publisher partners. In turn, those publishers can now offer their readers instant access to content, a consistently engaging experience, and best-in-class performance even on 3G networks.

Marfeel is committed to remaining an industry leader in page speed, smoothness, and an optimal UX. Toward that end it has introduced changes to its infrastructure that will enable publishers to run the fastest sites in the world and offer the smoothest possible UX, taking them to the next level of mobile performance. In its quest for speed, Marfeel has moved activation and serving logic to the server side and provides its publisher partners with a sophisticated CDN package that is key to enabling game-changing capabilities.

Marfeel decided to collaborate with Fastly in order to deliver these innovative changes. Partnering with Fastly allows Marfeel to implement its cutting-edge infrastructure that includes detecting devices on the server-side, removing an entire DNS resolution, and optimizing assets with the latest protocols and compression algorithms, among other benefits. As a result, Marfeel delivers the first meaningful paint (the primary content that allows users to start reading) to publishers in 0.7 seconds—and Marfeel publishers now score in the top one percent of the world’s fastest internet sites.

With the enhancements to its infrastructure, Marfeel will leverage key Fastly features like world-class DDoS protection against attacks, and strategic POPs (points of presence). A publisher’s servers must be as close as possible to its readers for optimal speed and performance; now, Marfeel publishers benefit from Fastly’s POPs all over the world.

“At Marfeel, it is part of our DNA to be the fastest. Today, we took a huge step toward that goal and we are thrilled to deliver our first meaningful paint in 0.7 seconds on 3G connections. Working with Fastly has helped us to reach this point,” Marfeel’s CEO Xavi Beumala comments. “We know how important speed is to publishers—it’s what their users expect on all connection types, and speed is the first step toward engagement and retention. Fastly’s CDN is a very powerful tool. We are confident that when it is fused with our solution and our engineering and technical acumen, it will become a game-changing asset for our publishers.”

The Fastly edge cloud platform allows more objects to be cached longer, and retrieved more rapidly, while outdated content can be purged and updated almost instantly. For publishers, this means better cache hit ratios, resulting in quicker response times and downloads for web and mobile users.

About Marfeel

Marfeel is an ad tech platform that revolutionizes the way publishers create, optimize, and monetize mobile websites. Marfeel’s proprietary technology analyzes publishers’ unique audiences—user habits, behavior and usage patterns—and dynamically adjusts their mobile site layouts to maximize readership, engagement, page views, loading time, and ultimately ad revenue. Marfeel’s exclusive partnerships with over 20,000 global ad networks and exchanges ensure top-paying ads from premium advertisers. Now reaching more than 500 million mobile readers a month, Marfeel’s mobile website conversion and monetization solution has been recognized by Google and Facebook, leading to strategic alliances with the search engine in 2015, and with the social network in 2017. Selected Marfeel customers include: National Geographic (FR), Dennis Publishing (US/UK), Elle (MX), ABC (US), PopSugar, and The Washington Times (US). Marfeel is backed by strategic investors in the mobile space, including Nauta Capital, BDMI and Elaia Partners. To learn more about Marfeel, please visit https.https.www.marfeel.com.

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